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The Perception of Employee on the Environmental Benefits towards e-Hrm Practices in Public Sectors: A Case Study of Nigeria

( Volume 5 Issue 2,August 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Bukoye Kazeem Oyebanji, Rezian-na Muhammed Kassim


This study focuses on the factors affecting the implementation of E-HRM Practices in Public Sectors mainly the environmental benefit of paper reduction. This study was conducted within the Perception of a developing nation (Nigeria). In recent years, research evidence has shown that more and more organizations have been replacing face-to-face human resource management activities with electronic human resource management (e-HRM). E-HRM facilitates the HR function to create dynamic and operational capabilities and contributes greatly on HRM effectiveness. E-HRM played significant role in improving the performance of human resource (HR) departments in private sectors in minimizing the environment impact. Whereas it is expected that parallel influence would be found in public sectors, there is no empirical research evidence to support this proposition. Given the significant technical encroachments today, e-HRM as a strategic tool has grown to encompass seamless functionality to support organisations in providing tactical capability, reducing cost and continuous service improvement as well as the quality of service delivery. Result reveals that majority of the 10 agreed that impact to green environment, contribute to the organization performance and reducing the company cost.

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