T R A C K       P A P E R

World Journal of Research and Review

( A Unit of Nextgen Research Publication)


Q: How can I submit my paper?
A: Author can submit their paper online or by mailing as attached copy at editor@wjrr.org OR info.wjrr@gmail.com in MS Word format.

Q: When will I receive an acknowledgment email for my submission?
A: Paper submissions are normally acknowledged within 24 Hours.

Q: How long does it take for paper review process?
A: WJRR normally take 3 to 4 working days for review process.

Q: How much do I have to pay for Publication Fee?
A: WJRR Publication Fee for Accepted Papers:

For Indian Author 2050 INR
For Foreign Author 90 USD

Q: How can I pay the publication fee? A: You can pay publication fess by following ways. Payment through Bank account transfer (NEFT), Payment by direct (Cash) deposit of fess in Account, For foreign author payment can be done by ‘PayPal’, For foreign author payment can be done by Swift code transfer OR Western Union Money Transfer.

Q: Where can I find Copyrights Transfer Form? A: Copyrights Transfer form is available on our website www.wjrr.org

Q: Is there any restriction for number of pages and fee for extra pages? A: Minimum 2 pages and Maximum 6 pages are allowed. If it exceeds 6, remaining will be charged Rs. 100 per page.