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The Influence of Age on Body Structure and Body Compositionof Patients Undergoing Chronic Peritoneal Dialysis, And Its Relationship with The Treatment Schedules

( Volume 8 Issue 6,June 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Giancarlo Ruggieri


This paper studied the possible influence of age on the physical conditions and, with a secondary interest, of the dialytic treatment, of a population of 17 males and 32 females undergoing peritoneal dialysis. The influence of age was studied comparing the conditions of the patients separated in groups of different age, the first group based for males and females on the average age, the second group on the age greater and lower 60 years and the third group on the age greater and lower 67 years, this to ascertain if the progressive aging could induce different effects. The result of this research, possibly limited by an insufficient numerousness of the studied populations, showed that very probably the results obtained separating the bodily structures according to the greater and lower average age were modified with the increasing of age to 60 years and 67 years, these last groups significantly decreasing the differences between the bodily properties, when separating greater and lower age, respect to the similar separation operated in average age : that is to say that the aging beyond the basal age of the studied populations (males 58.8±16.38,females 55.1±10.52) decreases the possible differences existing in bodily properties. For what concerning the dialytic treatment,a significant difference was pointed out for males and for females about the average age, but for what concerning the differences greater versus lower of 60 years and 67 years, not significant differences resulted for males, which differently resulted for females.



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