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The Energy Spectrum of Defects in Silicon, Doped with Vanadium

( Volume 5 Issue 2,August 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Khojakbar S. Daliev


In this work, using the methods of capacitance spectroscopy of the studied energy range of deep levels of vanadium and it is shown that the vanadium in silicon creates deep levels Ec − 0.45 eV and Ec − 0.52 eV and Ev +0.41 eV, depending on the type of conductivity of the initial silicon and the cooling rate of the sample after diffusion, and the level of Ec − 0.22 eV is a defect in the heat treatment. Performed a systematic analysis of the results on the study of silicon doped with vanadium. It is shown that the atoms of vanadium in silicon created a number of deep levels with different ionization energies.

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