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Synthesis and Polymerization Of P-(Vinyl Phenyl)-2-Chloromethylcyclo- Propane

( Volume 5 Issue 5,November 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

K.G.Guliyev, A.E.Rzayeva, S.B.Mamedli, U.A.Khamedova, D.R.Nurullayeva, A.M.Guliyev


The synthesis of p-(vinyl phenyl)-2-chloromethylcyclopropane has been realized and its radical polymerization has been carried out. The photosensitivity of the synthesized polymer containing in macromolecule C-Сl groups and cyclopropane ring sensitive to UV-irradiation has been studied. The photochemical structurization has been investigated and it has been established that the synthesized polymer possesses photosensitivity and can be used for creation of photosensitive material.

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