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Structural Design and Multi-objective Optimization of Planetary Frame for 6T40E Automatic Transmission

( Volume 8 Issue 6,June 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

ZHAO Niu , HUANG Zhao-ming


The 6T40E automatic transmission with three simple planetary rows and six shifting actuators can achieve six forward gears and one reverse gearing. Based on CATIA software and ANSYS software, this paper carries out three-dimensional modeling and finite element analysis of planetary frame, the key component of 6T40E. Taking the highest transfer efficiency and the smallest overall volume of planetary gear train as the ultimate optimization objective, a correct multi-objective optimization mathematical model of efficiency and volume is established. The multi-objective optimization of planetary gear train is carried out by using MATLAB software, which provides theoretical guidance for the optimal design of planetary gear transmission mechanism. It provides a theoretical basis for the researchers engaged in automotive and mechanical design to reasonably select transmission type, correctly design and apply, develop, test and develop new types.



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