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Preliminary Measurements of Voice Parameters using Multi Dimensional Voice Program

( Volume 5 Issue 1,July 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

A. Geredakis, M. Karala, N. Ziavra, E. Toki


Voice plays a major role in speech and communication. Characteristics of a “normal” voice should include a good quality, appropriate balance of oral and nasal resonance, appropriate loudness, and habitual pitch level suitable for the age, size and sex of individual and proper voice inflections. The aim of this study is to analyze the voice characteristics in young people. The comparison is conducted by using subjective and objective methods. The sample of the study consisted of ten males and ten females, aged 19-30 years, with no voice pathology. Acoustic analysis was performed in Multi-Dimensional Voice Program (MDVP; Kay Elemetrics Corporation, Lincoln Park, NJ) and included the voice recordings of sustained vowels /a/, /e/, /i/, /o/, /u/. For subjective assessments were used the laryngoscopy assessment for vocal cord function and the Voice Handicap Index scale (VHI), VoiSS scale and Buffalo scale. The score of each scale ranged within normal limits and the findings of laryngoscopy were normal for all participants. In addition, the maximum phonation time (MPT) and the ratio «s/z» evaluated and revealed no abnormalities. The analysis of the results from MDVP brought upon significant correlations between the sexes. More specifically, the mean fundamental frequency F0 for all vowels were significantly higher in women than men (p<0,001). However, the parameters of % jitter /i/ and NHR /a/, /e/ showed significantly higher values in men than women with p=0,029, p=0,006 and p<0,001. Finally, the value of VTI /a/ parameter showed a significant difference in men compared to women (p=0,035). In conclusion, the parameters % jitter /i/, NHR /a/, /e/ and VTI /o/, showed higher value in men and only the value of F0 parameter displays greater value on women.

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