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New Strategies to Develop Effective Learning Environments that Support Learners: Real Practical Cases

( Volume 5 Issue 2,August 2017 ) OPEN ACCESS

Dr.Ghossoon M.W. ALSadoon


Structured teaching practices and student-oriented teaching practices both contribute to a positive classroom environment, promoting teachers’ self-efficacy. In the contexts of many countries the classroom environment is believed to impact student outcomes. The main problem of this paper is borne out of the need to make the learning process more effective and to improve learning outcomes among students. In bridging this gap in knowledge, the author employed different supporting tools, such as the whiteboard, classroom, data show, software, office visits, assignments, and group work. The objective of this paper is to identify how teachers can create the best learning environment for maximum achievement of the students’ learning outcomes. This paper discusses different real and varied examples which were based on the examination of the following: special needs, students at risk of dismissal due to their low GPA, and limitations affecting open learning materials (OLM). In conclusion, this study has revealed that the teachers have a positive feedback and enhanced performance for the students with special needs’ in the classroom by implementing specific strategies to build students’ confidence and encourage them to compete with their peers. For the academically disadvantaged students, special advisory assistance and associated support systems should be given to help boost their performance. Also, the new platform as proposed in this paper is more advantageous and amenable for students to work more efficiently and seamlessly than other platforms.

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