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Effectiveness of Silver Nitrate on the Removal of Bacteria in Ceramic Pot Filters

( Volume 8 Issue 6,June 2019 ) OPEN ACCESS

Muhammad Sani Shehu, Sani Inuwa Lamido, Kabir Lawal


This research is aimed at comparing the effectiveness of silver nitrate application methods on ceramic filter pot for treating drinking water. Filter pots performance with and without colloidal silver nitrate application was determined based on total coliform removal efficiency. Significant impact of silver nitrate application in removing total coliforms were observed for all filter pots. All filters were produced using locally available materials –clay and sawdust. The application method of the silver nitrate was dipping method and surface coating with a removal efficiency of 100% and 99.8% of total coliform respectively. For the filter with the dipping method, the following properties for filtered water were recorded: BOD of 5.94 mg/l, COD of 2 mg/l, turbidity of 5.24 NTU and Nitrate of 5.7 mg/l. Whereas, the filtered waterfrom filter with surface coating have the following properties: BOD of 2.21 mg/l, COD of 2.13 mg/l, turbidity of 4.48 NTU and Nitrate of 5.2 mg/l. These values fall within the World Health Organization limits for water treatment. This study concludes that locally available raw materials can be utilized to produced ceramic filters.This surely will help especially the rural dwellers in accessing clean drinking water.

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