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Attitude of Students towards Lecture Teaching Methods in Agriculture in Secondary Schools in Mukaa Sub-County of Makueni County, Kenya

( Volume 11 Issue 2,August 2020 ) OPEN ACCESS

Esther Mumbi Nzomo, James Obara, Agnes Nkurumwa Oywaya


Student Attitude, Lecture Teaching Methods, Agriculture Subject.


Successful teaching and learning of agriculture in secondary schools in Kenya depends mostly on correct use of teaching methods whose activities target learning senses. Attitude of agriculture students are quite often acquired through teaching and learning process. Agriculture students’ attitude can be changed by using a variety of teaching and learning methods. The purpose of this study was to determine students’ attitude towards lecture teaching method in agriculture in secondary schools in Mukaa Sub County of Makueni County. The study was conducted to ascertain the Learners’ Preference, willingness and eagerness to participate in agricultural activities in secondary schools in Mukaa Sub-county of Makueni County.This study employed a descriptive research design. The target population of the study consisted of 1773 Form three agriculture students in secondary schools in Mukaa Sub County. A sample size of 120 respondents was randomly selected from a sampling frame of 1773 Form three students in the four wards in Mukaa Sub-county. A semi-structured questionnaire was used to gather data from the respondents. To establish reliability of the research instruments a pilot study was carried out using 30 randomly selected secondary school Form three agriculture students in Nzaui Sub County. Face and internal validity of the instrument was established by the supervisors from the department of Agricultural Education and Extension. Quantitative data were coded and analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences. Qualitative data was analyzed using document report analysis. The results were presented in frequencies, means and percentages. The study established that the attitude of students towards the lecture method was positive. The study recommends that teachers of agriculture should be given in-service training on how to improve the lecture method of teaching agriculture to enhance the teaching and learning process and also combine various teaching methods of agriculture as the situation demands to make teaching and learning effective.



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