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An Overview of Biological and Synthetic Aspects of Thiazole Derivatives in Heterocyclic Chemistry

( Volume 3 Issue 5,November 2016 ) OPEN ACCESS

Nidhi Jain, Bhawani Singh


These overviews signify a study covering the literature on thiazole derivatives in heterocyclic chemistry. This brief analysis as well provides a revise on current reports and demonstrates the utility and the effectiveness of this approach. The data on the process of synthesis, chemical reactions, and biological activity of these heterocycles available over the preceding years are assessing here. In the last few decades, a lot of effort has been prepared on thiazole ring to discover novel compounds associated to this scaffold. This review presents the advanced improvement on the proposed and growth of diverse thiazole derivatives. It is known as the building block in organic synthesis, which provides as an important outline for the improvement of diverse therapeutic agents and illustrate a broad variety of activities. These articles furnish a widespread explanation of the synthetic and biological value of thiazole engaged in the design and synthesis of diverse type of compounds encloses fused heterocyclic rings with more importance on latest literature.

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