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A Simulation Study of the Effect of Powerful High-Frequency Radio Waves on the Behavior of Super-Small-Scale Irregularities in the F-layer Ionospheric

( Volume 3 Issue 5,November 2016 ) OPEN ACCESS

O.V. Mingalev, M.N. Melnik, V.S. Mingalev


Magnetic field aligned super-small-scale irregularities in the concentration of charged particles are often observed in the Earth’s ionosphere and magnetosphere. Earlier, the time evolution of such irregularities was studied with the help of the mathematical model, developed in the Polar Geophysical Institute. This model is based on a numerical solution of the Vlasov-Poisson system of equations. This mathematical model is used in the present paper. The purpose of the present paper is to examine numerically how high-power high-frequency radio waves, utilized for artificial heating experiments and pumped into the ionosphere by ground-based ionospheric heaters, influence on the time evolution of the super-small-scale irregularities present naturally in the F-layer ionospheric plasma. The results of simulation indicate that a presence of high-power high-frequency radio wave ought to influence essentially on the behavior of physically significant parameters of the plasma inside and in the vicinity of the irregularity.

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