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Volume 9 Issue 4

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Title : Historiographic Review of the Period of the End of the XIX-Middle of the XX Century

Authors : M.A. Chorieva, Z.A. Akhmedova, Kh. P. Kenjaeva

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Abstract :

The article is systematic and summarized historiographical material - studies of Central Asian and foreign authors on the history of the valley of the period of the mangyts.


Title : Literature review on the Role of Intuition in Decision Making Process

Authors : Dr. Amit Kumar Gosar, Dr. Renati Solomon

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Abstract :

The Decision making has become an integral part of modern management. Sound, rational and quick decision making is the primary job for any manager. The Decision making involves choosing of the option from all the available alternatives. This selection can be done based on available data or past experience or gut feeling. The difference between gut feeling and Intuition is very thin. Any decision taken based on Intuition is more scientific in nature, however, it requires a skill for any decision maker. Lot of research has been done on the managerial decision making and the decisions based on Intuition. A great amount of work has also been done separately on the intuition. Hence the efforts have been made in this paper to compile the literature review and find out the research gap and based on which the future course for research can be suggested.


Title : A Study on CSR Complexities and Brand in Global Environment

Authors : Chenzheng

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Abstract :

This dissertation takes into consideration of the effective response of the CSR implementation in the business of Dragon Oil. The (CSR) corporate social responsibility typically includes the purpose of the details of the continuous innovations in the domain of the collaborative approach in the business environment for the CSR success. The major reasons for the CSR complexity perspectives of the company typically considers the social response that the company should involve in the business objectives and typically considers the variations in the risk involvement for the implementation of the CSR approach. The Dragon Oil has experienced gain in its business requirements for the perspectives of the cases of the social response clause of the company. The responses in any specific case typically consider the details of the requirements to typically consider the variations in the perspective domain of the consideration for the enhancing the social stature of the Company in the international market. The dissertation includes the experience generation for the agreed points of involvement for the feedback from the employees of the response in the specific sector for the case of the generation in the purpose of the details and according to the given specifications. The diligence in this case requires the case of the differences in the targeted requirements for the risk reports in this specific case. The feedback and the findings of the various responses of the research in this case involve the approach of the dedicated engineering in our approaches. The major reason in this dissertation consideration in this purpose includes the various social responses in this domain of analysis for the particular case. The methodological approaches for the casual and sprinkler purposes of the business interruption also includes the various tools and templates that the Dragon Oil community must consider to typically includes the data analytics of the knowledge store for the company. The available resource innovation and the proper implementation standards in the business requirements of the company involves the strategic response in the case of the client centric approach along with the provision of the consideration of the well being of the employee in the specific rate of consideration. The major aim that the company considers the differences in the business requirements of the purposes of the differences in the details of the requirements for the development objectives that the company establishes in the minimum government requirements. The requirements of the Dragon Oil is to innovate its business goals with the support and confidence of the different stakeholders involved in the business with the consideration of the appropriate social image of the company in the market responses. The consideration of the various innovative and positive responses and the details of the differences in the working domain of the analysis and typically includes the purpose of the CSR response statistics. The inclusion of the purpose of the details in the specific case also includes the transparency in the business objectives. The major aspect of the CSR decision typically includes the sustainable development clause in the particular case of the social responsibility clause. The overall research suggests the case of the competitive analysis of the CSR and its ability to avert the case of the CSR in the business environment. Moreover, the screening requirement for the efficient structuring of the market requirements extends the appropriate brand image in the international market.