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Volume 8 Issue 3

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Title : Biology and Philosophy V. Intermission. Goethe as an Appetizer

Authors : Juan S. Gómez-Jeria

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Abstract :

I comment on my proposition that certain parts of Faust I relate fragments of Goethe’s internal search. First I comment about language as a tool for group exchange of information. Inner speech (thinking with words) is a new and a potent tool to develop an inner personal world whose wealth and complexity are related to the number of words that the individual handles. Some people expose part or all of their inner worlds through books, theater plays, speeches, etc. Internal and external languages serve to formulate what I consider a fundamental question: During my life have I done anything different from what a chimpanzee does? Goethe was a prolific writer but he had never before written about philosophy. Examining Faust I you find clear signs of internal dissatisfaction coupled with a lack of ability to climb to the higher echelons of the human mode. This failure is confessed when Faust makes an arrangement with Mephistopheles and seduces a teenage girl. Faust returns to one of the main biological impulses, and a strong one: sex. Faust/Goethe is totally dominated by the soul that grips the earth with all its senses, as he says. No philosophy is possible now.


Title : Numerical Techniques at Millimeter Wave Frequencies for Wireless Body Area Networks-A Review

Authors : Khaleda Ali

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Abstract :

Millimeter wave frequencies offering higher bandwidth, reliable performance and unlicensed use has become an alluring option for the future of wireless body area networks. This paper discusses about the scopes and limitations of different numerical techniques at millimeter wave frequencies for analyzing propagation in such networks. It is observed that at this spectrum, Finite difference time domain technique though computationally expensive, can be the most ideal tool for accurate channel estimation. For efficient use of resources a customized version of FDTD has also been presented in this paper. Convergence test of the FDTD algorithm has also been performed to evaluate the optimum discretization step which ensures accuracy and efficiency.


Title : Study of Customer Satisfaction after Implementation of Direct Benefit Transfer (BDT) of Subsidy to Consumer by Indian LPG (Home) Gas Companies

Authors : Dr. Amit Gosar, Alpana Mishra

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Abstract :

This study is conducted with the aim to know the satisfaction level of the LPG domestic customers towards the DBTL (Pahal) scheme launched by the Government for the customer who opted for subsidy. The structured questionnaire used to collect the data and data was analysis by using statistical method to find the satisfaction level of the LPG domestic customer. Also we have to study the affect of DBT on revenue part for exchequer.