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Volume 8 Issue 2

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Title : An Overview of Obesity and Bariatric Surgery: a Community-Based Study in Buraydah City, Saudi Arabia

Authors : Dr. Saleh Al Mesned, Dr. Abdulrahman Al Mesned, Dr. Majeda Farajat

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Abstract :

Background. Saudi Arabia (SA) has been widely involved in the epidemic of obesity. In 2016, World statistics showed that SA was highly ranked in obesity with a prevalence of around 34%. Management of obesity can include lifestyle changes, medications, or Bariatric Surgery (BS). BS has been shown to be effective intervention for weight loss, diabetes management, Dyslipidemia, and reducing mortality risk. Accordingly, this study aimed to assess knowledge and awareness of Buraydah Community about obesity with  regards to causes and management including BS.

Methods. This cross-sectional survey targeted the general population in Buraydah City, Saudi Arabia from June to July 2018. The survey covered multiple public places in Buraydah using a convenience sample (n=516). Data were collected using two tools; self-administered questionnaires and Anthropometric measurements of weight and height.  The questionnaire encompassed a set of socio-demographic variables, awareness of obesity’s causes and prevention and awareness of  BS as a management for obesity. Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and Chi-Square test.

Results. Around one fourth of the sample (24.4%) were classified to be obese, the vast majority of participants (90.5%) were unaware of their own BMI classification. Furthermore, participants generally had a good general knowledge  about obesity, most of them believed that lack of physical activity was the most common cause of obesity and that engaging in sport activities is the best management of obesity. The majority of the sampled community members (78.3%) had a good knowledge about BS, whereas 21.7% of them showed positive attitude toward BS. Furthermore, Social media was the most common source of information about BS. Significant differences in knowledge about BS were limited to gender, while significant differences in attitude included age group, marital status, educational level, and classification of BMI and knowledge of self-BMI. 

Conclusion. Although the prevalence of obesity in Buraydah City is a little less than other regions of SA, a local strategy to compact this epidemic is needed. The option of BS for eligible cases of obesity should be addressed. Accordingly, efforts needed to educate the public about BS, which is an ultimate solution for obesity.


Title : An Unusual Case of Transient Cortisol Deficiency and Profound Hyponatremia in a Pregnant Female with Pre-Eclampsia

Authors : Dr.Khalid Farooqui, Dr.Hassan Abuzaid, Dr.Joyal Mathew, Dr.Farah Farooqui, Dr.Naseera Abubaker

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Abstract :

Pre-eclampsia is a multisystem disorder that complicates 3-8% of pregnancies and accounting 18% of maternal deaths. Pre-eclampsia is defined as hypertension and proteinuria with associated signs and symptoms such as pedal edema, headache, visual disturbances, and epigastric pain which starts at the onset of 20 weeks of pregnant state. Usually in pre-eclampsia we found no electrolyte disturbances except lower levels of magnesium in most of the cases. Pre-eclampsia with profound hyponatremia is one of the rare complications encountered during pregnancy and as per the literature we found only 14-16 cases have been reported. In such situation patient may predispose to convulsions, maternal mortality and fetal damage.

Normally pregnancy is a state of hypercortisolemia (glucocorticoid excess) particularly in the latter stages and testing of HPA axis (hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis) using validated stimulation or confirmation test during pregnancy are lacking. Adrenal insufficiency in pregnancy is relatively rare with reported incidence of 1:3,000 births and it is associated with significant maternal and fetal morbidity if untreated during gestation or in the puerperium. Pregnancy induced metabolic and endocrine changes with related symptoms is difficult to recognize, and  a challenge to confirm the diagnosis of cortisol deficiency. Clinical features such as excessive dizziness, syncope, nausea, protracted vomiting, weight loss, profound hyponatremia, hypoglycemia and salt craving should raise the suspicion of Adrenal insufficiency.

We report a rare case admitted with history of dizziness, headache and abdominal pain found to have   profound hyponatremia in 3rd trimester of pregnancy with pre-eclampsia and transient cortisol deficiency.


Title : Application of Modern Information Technologies in The Teaching of Technical Culture in Order to Improve the Teaching Process

Authors : Safet Velić, Sejfo Papić, Samra Isić

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Abstract :

This paper deals with the application of information technologies in the teaching of technical culture in the elementary school education system. The structure of the problem is the computer literacy of teachers and insufficiently developed IT infrastructure, ie. insufficient equipment of the cabinet of technical culture in regard to information technologies.

The subject of research in this paper is the improvement of the teaching process using modern information technologies in the teaching of technical culture, and the aim of the research is to examine the application of modern information technologies in the teaching of technical culture in order to improve the teaching process.

The paper uses the results of research on the application of modern information technologies in the teaching of technical culture in order to improve the teaching process which showed that the cabinets of technical culture in the majority of elementary schools in Canton Sarajevo are not equipped with IT equipment sufficiently.

The teachers' survey contains a quantitative technique that answers the question of how often modern information technologies are used and also a qualitative technique we used to determine which modern information technologies are applied, why and how. For the scale of the assessment of the opinions of students, a quantitative technique was used for a scale of 1-5 for each assertion made.

The sample includes 114 respondents, 100 of which are students in the eight and ninth grades of elementary schools "Kovačići" and "Grbavica I" in Sarajevo and 14 of which are teachers of technical culture in elementary schools in Sarajevo Canton


Title : Real Estate Investment Performance and Macroeconomic Dynamics in Nigeria: A Sectorial Analysis

Authors : Richard Ugochukwu Elile, Dr. Sunday S. Akpan, Dr. Valliappan Raju

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Abstract :

This study examined macroeconomic determinants of real estate investment performance in Nigeria. The growing housing problems and the critical role that real estate can play in solving the housing and other shelter-related as well as macroeconomic problems such as poor economic growth, made this study necessary. Specific objectives were to investigate individual effect of inflation, exchange rate, and per capita GDPr on performance of real estate investment in terms of its contribution to the growth of gross domestic product in Nigeria. The study adopted quantitative research method and used secondary data for the period of 37 years (1980- 2017). The analysis was performed using OLS multiple regression with lagged dependent variable model to account for endogeneity in the data set. Results show that inflation, and GDPr each has significant positive while exchange rate has significant negative effect on real estate sector performance. Based on these findings, it is concluded that inflation, per capita GDPr and exchange rate are important macroeconomic determinants of real estate performance in Nigeria. The study recommends that since monetary policy directives, often times, dovetail these macroeconomic factors, targeting inflation and growth of per capita GDP in future policies could significantly improve real estate sector performance and ultimately solve the perennial housing and related problems in Nigeria.


Title : Contamination of Heavy Metals in Water around the MSW Dump Site at District Raipur in Chhattisgarh

Authors : Shikha Talreja, Beena Sharma, Amit Dubey

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Abstract :

The selected site Sarona is a large trenching site for municipal solid wastes. It surrounds the area about 18.49 hectare is an uncontrolled dump site. Water samples were collected from different sources namely open wells, river and bore wells available at varying distance on the site. The analyzed water samples showed the pH value from 8.0 to 8.23, conductivity from 240 to 2360, alkalinity ranged from 350 to 1300, chloride from 40 to 1050, total hardness from 150 to 270, TDS ranged from 396 – 660, ammonia (NH4+) concentration in the samples ranged from 0.5 to 3.5 mg/l. The value of lead in all the samples was observed more than permissible limits of drinking water in accordance with BIS and WHO (0.10 and 0.05 mg/l respectively) i.e. from 0.52639- 0.867955 mg/l. Long-term exposure to lead can affect adversely to nervous system and kidneys [6]. Increasing awareness for health and environmental effects of MSW dumping has the requirement for proper assessment of harmful effects of it.


Title : The Effect of Logotherapy on Depression in Breast Cancer Patients Under Chemotherapy

Authors : Sri Burhani Putri, Miftahul Jannah

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Abstract :

Background: Chemotherapy is the treatment most often carried out by breast cancer patients with psychological side effects are stress. Logotherapy is one therapy that can be used as a stress management for cancer patients. Methods: The design of this study was quasi-experimental pre-post with control group. The study was conducted at Dr. M Djamil General Hospital, Padang City, West Sumatera Province, Indonesia. Data collection was carried out using the Depression Anxiety and Stress Scale (DASS) instrument and the University of Indonesia Mental Health Nursing Therapy Module. Results: The results showed the characteristics of breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy mostly over 45 years, Minangkabau Ethnicity, married status, long since diagnosis of cancer less than 2 years, stage 3 and long time undergoing chemotherapy less than 3 years and experiencing moderate stress levels and statistical test (p<0.05) Conclusion: There is a significant difference between stress levels of breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy before and after logotherapy intervention.