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Volume 7 Issue 5

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Title : Simulation and Optimization of Multi-step Stamping Forming Process for Car Front Panel

Authors : HUANG Zhao-ming, WANG Li

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Abstract :

Taking the front panel of a car as the research object, the whole process forming process plan of the parts is analyzed and planned. Based on this scheme, the initial sheet profile is calculated by one-step method. The whole process of stamping forming is simulated and analyzed based on AutoForm software and the forming defects are predicted and the forming process is optimized. The simulation and optimization results show that the whole process multi-step stamping simulation can obtain the process die surface quickly and effectively, and realize the seamless joint between the whole process die surface design and multi-step stamping simulation and optimization design. Reasonable product process optimization and trimming line optimization reduce the cracking phenomenon and actual boundary contour error.


Title : Tourism Contribution to Dubai Economic Growth

Authors : Sadun N Yassin Alheety, Tariq Khalaf Barakat Ayoub

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Abstract :

Globally people have been trying to improve their living standards by inventing resources that are suitable for them while keeping their culture intact.  It has been noticed that tourism as a growing industry could be one of the most important targets to achieve better economy and, more importantly, sustainable economy.  The positive development of tourism in developed countries was taken by many developing countries and implementation of tourism was possibly a very important sector to the economy.  In Dubai, the oil produced country, tourism is not a very old tradition; it is rather a new phenomenon that this study was found a very interesting topic to pursue and investigate.  By setting the conceptual model, both variables, dependent and independent, were explored and studied using quantitative analysis by providing a suitable questionnaire hoping to explore a clear insight in both: the economy and the way people of Dubai thinking about tourism.  Three independent variables of quality, assortment, and promotion were selected to see their impact on economic growth (dependent variable) in Dubai.  A population of little more than 400 respondents was given a questionnaire that well-prepared to serve three hypotheses that are related to each of the impendent variables.  The findings have shown that there is a positive impact on the growth of the economy in Dubai.  The economy has benefited from adopting tourism by providing more employment opportunities, higher living standards, and noticeable economic empowerment.  This growth was measured by the β factor of the quality, assortment, and promotion of tourism service which were found at 0.114, 0.117, and 0.351 respectively.  These findings suggested that all assumed hypotheses-related are positively supportive.  The importance of these findings lies in constituting a solid foundation for the government of Dubai and the private sector to continue investing in the tourism sector hoping that the β impact factor will be improved.


Title : Variation in Autonomic Function (Cans) Tests in Young Adults with and Without Parental History of Diabetes Mellitus

Authors : Ankita Grover, Richa Rai, Priyanka Chugh

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Abstract :

Introduction: Many studies have shown that children of diabetic parents are more likely to develop Diabetes, but very few studies have been done to find out early variation in autonomic function tests as an effect of Diabetes in normal children of diabetic parents.

Aim & Objective: To assess and study any variation in autonomic function (CANS) tests among normal young adults, within the age group of 18-25 years, with and without parental history of Diabetes Mellitus.

Method: Incidental sampling was done and 66 normal young adults were divided into two groups-CNDP (children of non-diabetic parents) and CDP (children of diabetic parents). Each subject underwent autonomic function (CANS) tests and their readings were noted.

Results: Difference between means of CNDP and CDP groups was compared by t-test. No significant difference was found in Expiration-Inspiration Difference (E-I), Valsalva Ratio (VR) and Change in Diastolic Blood Pressure (∆DBP) in CDP group when compared to CNDP group.

Conclusion: There is no significant variation in autonomic function (CANS) tests among normal young adults with and without parental hi of Diabetes Mellitus.


Title : Juvenile Mammary Hypertrophy: The Embarrassment of an Indigent School Girl and Literature Review

Authors : Otei O.O, Ozinko MBA, Ekpo R, Bashel-Akpeke R.A.

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Abstract :

We present the management of bilateral mammary hypertrophy in an orphan teenage school girl who lives with her grand mother. She dropped out of school because of embarrassment and inability to conceal the giant breasts in her school uniform. The patient was offered bilateral breast reduction, secondary nipple-areolar complex reconstruction and postoperative tamoxefen. The breast reduction was successful—as the patient smiled for the first time postoperatively—and she was discharged on the 10th postoperatively.


Title : Assessing Perceived Efficiency of Tailored Testing and Its Useability over Uniform Testing in Measuring Achievement of Secondary School Geography Students in Benue North-East Education Zone

Authors : Yeke C. M., Ogboji J. M., Akaakase T.

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Abstract :

This study assessed perceived efficiency of tailored testing and its usability over uniform testing in measuring achievement of Secondary School Geography Students in Benue North – East Education Zone.  The study adopted experimental research design. The sample size for the study was 266 secondary school Geography students representing 34.6% of the population drawn from 877 Geography students using Taro Yamen’s formula drawn from 238 schools that offer Geography out of 1046 secondary school in the Zone. A 50 item National Examination Council Geography Past Question Paper was adopted. Also 50 item standardized achievement test, a 50 item teacher-made achievement test and tailored tests were developed and used for data collection. The results revealed that there was a significant difference in the mean achievement scores of students using uniform test and tailored test items. Based on the findings it was concluded that when instruments of items tailored to individual ability of the testees are used, there is the tendency that the students’ true ability can be revealed. It was  recommended that the Government should organize workshops to train teachers on item construction with particular reference to tailored testing to  instill in the examiners the culture of testing students based on their individual ability, School owners should make introduction of item banking necessary in all post primary schools in order to enhance validity of testing in the school system, Relevant examination bodies like NECO, WAEC, and NABTEB should ensure that only experts are involved in item development to make the test items valid and reliable. Conclusions were drawn and suggestions for further studies were made.