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Volume 6 Issue 5

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Title : Modelling and Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System

Authors : Akinrotimi Akinyemi Omololu, Olugbebi Muyiwa Adeolu

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Abstract :

Artificial intelligence and expert systems have gone a long away in proffering solutions to decision making problem in various sectors. One of the major challenges faced today in under developed country is access to quality and fast health facilities, which poses a big threat to the health a condition of patients. Accurate medical diagnosis is one of the major ways to sustain good health and live long. In this paper, a neuro-expert system was developed using advanced neuro-fuzzy inference system, taking into consideration the combination of eight attributes or factors and one output for the prediction and diagnosis of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer dataset obtained from cancer medical experts, was used to build the system. An evaluation performance was so as to carried out to determine the level of predictive and explanatory power of the developed system. The resulting test carried on the systems shows a very good predictive model with an accuracy of 93.54%.


Title : An Algebraical Superposition Technic for Transformation From Z Domain to Time Domain

Authors : Ben-Qing GAO

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Abstract :

An algebraical superposition technic for trasformation from z domain to time domain is presented. The establishing model process is: starting the inverse z transforms integral formula, and in its region of convergence based on the‘complex function integral’the inverse z transform integral is represented by 2k-1 term series. When the transform function on iterm series along integral circle are conjugated complex number distribution,the bidirectional series sum on k[-K,K] term series can be expressed by a monomial trigonomial function series sum on k[0,K],in which the members are easy calculation and sum. In the paper the solution process and main points are presented.  The application examples are shown,the resules are supported to the algebraical superposition technic.The technic can be used to solve the problem which are difficult to be solved by presented method(such as Partial Fraction Exparation method,etc).


Title : Equipment Level of Technical Education/Culture Classrooms in Accordance With Pedagogical Standards for Primary Education and Norms of School Space in The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Authors : Safet Velic, Sejfo Papic, Zulfo Ahmetovic

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Abstract :

Full standardization that is adequate to the goal and function of teaching technical contents in primary schools still hasn’t been done in the educational system of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

An equipped classroom in accordance with the pedagogical standards for primary education and norms of school space in schools of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and which is the case in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina, doesn’t come even close to the accepted standards and norms. Classrooms, in which a systematic, non-experimental observation of the degree of readiness to hold a class in has been held, have shown                      a disturbing lack of tools and equipment needed to hold                  a successful lecture.

For a more detailed and all-encompassing work in the field, several changes have to be made: material-technical basis of work (equip schools with teaching aids, materials, adequate tools and machines for specialized work), teaching plans and programs (reduce the comprehensive curricula, and adjust it to the age of the pupils), didactic-methodic basis of work, and the stands in most important factors in educational work (students and teachers). Curriculum and syllabi for this subject need adjusting with the psycho-physical age of the learner and in that way allow them to follow trends in technology, and in return they’d be more included in the process of realization of the subject.

It is necessary to modernize the class, focus the teaching onto the learner, and secure constant learning opportunities to the teachers through seminars and education on various techniques and technologies that can be applied in teaching. Keeping in touch with the times we live in, following the latest technological advancements and applying them in the teaching process is the path that education has to follow.


Title : Nanomaterials Modification by Dendrimers - A Review

Authors : Mateusz Pawlaczyk, Joanna Kurczewska, Grzegorz Schroeder

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Abstract :

Following review summarizes the application of dendrimer-functionalized hybrid nanomaterials. Dendrimers are nano-sized, radially symmetric molecules with well-defined, homogeneous and monodisperse structure. Incorporation of dendritic structures onto surface of inorganic particles by covalent, ionic and van der Waals bonds introduces unique properties of the new material. Herein, we present structures and properties of silica, titania, carbon nanotubes and clays decorated with various dendrimers.


Title : Study of Wheat Growth Processes

Authors : Alimardanova Mariam Kalabaevna, Matniyazova Kharinissa Ashimovna, Gumarov Baktiyar Sericcazievich

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Abstract :

The aim of the work is to select the most common soft and hard Kazakhstan wheat varieties in the grain industry, to study and refine the germination regimes, to analyze the chemical composition and biological activity of germinated grains. The experiment was conducted in the Problem Research Laboratory for the creation of new generation food products at the Almaty Technological University. 6 Kazakhstan wheat varieties were studied, which were germinated for 4-5 days. Further, analyzes were carried out on the content of vitamins, nutrients and ash. Based on the studies and experimental data obtained, it was established that the nutritional value of wheat germ is due to high extractivities, the presence of dietary fiber, high vitamin and enzymatic activity. It is shown that the germination of grain is accompanied by a significant increase in the antioxidant capacity of the grain.


Title : Exploring the Effects of Board Characteristics on Innovation Capital Disclosure: Evidence from Malaysia

Authors : Nur Hani Othman, Azwan Abdul Rashid, Norhayati Mat Husin

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Abstract :

Innovation is one of the major determinants for competitive advantage and long-term success for business growth. As a result, there is an increased demand for information on innovation activities of firms among stakeholders. The main objective of this research is to investigate whether board characteristics influence the disclosure of innovation capital in the Malaysian public listed companies. The sample consists of 68 public listed companies in the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia over a five-year period from 2011 to 2015. The research employs content analysis methodology to measure the extent of the innovation capital disclosure in the annual report. The multiple regression analysis is then used to investigate the relationships between five board variables and innovation capital disclosure. In general, the extent of innovation capital disclosure indicates an increasing trend in the sample years. The result also reveals that there are significant differences between categories of innovation capital disclosure, with external capital identified as having the highest disclosure. The multiple regression results provide evidence that all five board variables were significantly associated with innovation capital disclosure. Board size, board independent, foreign directors, board meeting, and director age are related to the extent of innovation capital disclosure.


Title : Enhancing Savings and Loans Association Model as A Way of Promoting Rural Based Micro Enterprises

Authors : Dickens .v. Mutumbisha

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Abstract :

The purpose of this study was to establish the factors that enhance Savings and Loans Associations as a way of promoting Micro Enterprise Development among the poor in rural Masaiti District.

The research was based on the following general objective;

The General objective of the study was:

To establish factors that enhance Savings and Loans Association as a way of promoting rural based Micro Enterprise Development.

The specific objectives of the study were:

a) To identify the challenges facing the model regarding the performance of the groups;

b) To establish the factors that enhanced the performance of the Savings and Loans Association model;

c) To determine whether the model could improve the entrepreneurism skills among the rural community.

Findings of the study revealed that consistent in capacity building of Savings and Loans Association groups in entrepreneurship skills through continuous on site mentoring played a positive role on the establishment of micro enterprise development among the rural poor in Masaiti District.

Finally the study recommended that in order to attain full development and financial accessibility among the rural poor and other vulnerable groups, the government should adapt this model as part of the curriculum in all higher learning institutions as well as Ministries that provide socio – economic services to the most vulnerable members of society This is because the model provided sustainable strategies to the most vulnerable members of society aimed at improving their quality of life. Evidence is there in Masaiti District for everyone to see on how the once vulnerable members have been empowered economically through the use of Savings and Loans Association Model.


Title : Contribution of Agricultural Practices on Enzymatic Activity in Anopheles Gambiae Populations from Cotton Areas in Northern Benin

Authors : Anges YADOULETON, Jean-Robert KLOTOE, Christophe CHABI

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Abstract :

To have an idea on the contribution of agricultural practices on biochemical characterization of insecticide resistance in Anopheles gambiae populations, Anopheles larvae were collected from cotton field from July to September 2017 and reared until F1 generation.

Enzymatic mechanisms (Glutathione-S-Transferase, esterase, monooxygenase P450 and total protein) were investigated from the F1 (the parental population after breeding) populations of An. gambiae s.l.

Results from this study showed a significant high level of GST and monooxygenase P450 activities from the wild populations of An. gambiae from Banikoara compared to susceptible Kisumu strain (P>0.05). However, there is no significant difference in the level activity of Esterase (α and β-Naphthyl) from the wild populations of An. gambiae from compared to the susceptible Kisumu strain (P>0,05).

These findings confirmed the contribution of agricultural practices on the selection of enzymatic activity in An. gambiae populations particularly on Glutathione-S-Transferase, and monooxygenase P450. However, the same level of the wild populations in esterase showed compared to the susceptible Kisumu strain showed that there is no clear link between the use of insecticide and enzymatic activity in An. gambiae populations.


Title : Implementation of School Social Work Service (SSWS) at Municipality of Glyfada, Attica Greece Results of Pilot Case Study

Authors : Dr. Evanthia Evangelou

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Abstract :

The project lasted three years and intervention techniques were: a) case assessment & referral b) counseling with students and their family & c) primary prevention programs.  Evaluation of the pilot phase showed that sustainability of the project depends on sufficient community resources, multidisciplinary collaboration and continuous political support.


Title : Nonlinear Stability of Roll Waves Down an Inclined Falling Film

Authors : Kan ZHU, Abdelaziz BOUDLAL, Gilmar MOMPEAN

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Abstract :

The present work is concerned with surface instabilities of non-Newtonian liquid films, usually called roll waves (RW). A thin liquid film in which the shear stress is modeled as a power-law is considered to study the stability of nonlinear roll waves down inclined plane walls. In the long wave approximation, depth-integrated continuity and momentum equations are derived by applying Karman's momentum integral method. As the linearized instability analysis of uniform flow only provides a diagnosis of instability, the modulation equations for wave series are derived and a stability criterion depending on two parameters (integro-differential expression) is obtained. The main difficulty to establish the stability domain is due of the presence of singularities near infinitesimal and maximal amplitudes. Numerical calculations are performed using asymptotic formulas near the singularities. The stability diagrams are presented for some values of the flow parameters. They reveal that there are situations wherein at critical values of the flow parameters, where the waves disappear. For the prediction and control of the free-surface profile, it is one of the main reasons for carrying out research in this area, as RW are generally an undesirable phenomenon.