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Volume 6 Issue 5

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Title : Modelling and Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System

Authors : Akinrotimi Akinyemi Omololu, Olugbebi Muyiwa Adeolu

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Abstract :

Artificial intelligence and expert systems have gone a long away in proffering solutions to decision making problem in various sectors. One of the major challenges faced today in under developed country is access to quality and fast health facilities, which poses a big threat to the health a condition of patients. Accurate medical diagnosis is one of the major ways to sustain good health and live long. In this paper, a neuro-expert system was developed using advanced neuro-fuzzy inference system, taking into consideration the combination of eight attributes or factors and one output for the prediction and diagnosis of cervical cancer. Cervical cancer dataset obtained from cancer medical experts, was used to build the system. An evaluation performance was so as to carried out to determine the level of predictive and explanatory power of the developed system. The resulting test carried on the systems shows a very good predictive model with an accuracy of 93.54%.


Title : An Algebraical Superposition Technic for Transformation From Z Domain to Time Domain

Authors : Ben-Qing GAO

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Abstract :

An algebraical superposition technic for trasformation from z domain to time domain is presented. The establishing model process is: starting the inverse z transforms integral formula, and in its region of convergence based on the‘complex function integral’the inverse z transform integral is represented by 2k-1 term series. When the transform function on iterm series along integral circle are conjugated complex number distribution,the bidirectional series sum on k[-K,K] term series can be expressed by a monomial trigonomial function series sum on k[0,K],in which the members are easy calculation and sum. In the paper the solution process and main points are presented.  The application examples are shown,the resules are supported to the algebraical superposition technic.The technic can be used to solve the problem which are difficult to be solved by presented method(such as Partial Fraction Exparation method,etc).


Title : Equipment Level of Technical Education/Culture Classrooms in Accordance With Pedagogical Standards for Primary Education and Norms of School Space in The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Authors : Safet Velic, Sejfo Papic, Zulfo Ahmetovic

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Abstract :

Full standardization that is adequate to the goal and function of teaching technical contents in primary schools still hasn’t been done in the educational system of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

An equipped classroom in accordance with the pedagogical standards for primary education and norms of school space in schools of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and which is the case in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina, doesn’t come even close to the accepted standards and norms. Classrooms, in which a systematic, non-experimental observation of the degree of readiness to hold a class in has been held, have shown                      a disturbing lack of tools and equipment needed to hold                  a successful lecture.

For a more detailed and all-encompassing work in the field, several changes have to be made: material-technical basis of work (equip schools with teaching aids, materials, adequate tools and machines for specialized work), teaching plans and programs (reduce the comprehensive curricula, and adjust it to the age of the pupils), didactic-methodic basis of work, and the stands in most important factors in educational work (students and teachers). Curriculum and syllabi for this subject need adjusting with the psycho-physical age of the learner and in that way allow them to follow trends in technology, and in return they’d be more included in the process of realization of the subject.

It is necessary to modernize the class, focus the teaching onto the learner, and secure constant learning opportunities to the teachers through seminars and education on various techniques and technologies that can be applied in teaching. Keeping in touch with the times we live in, following the latest technological advancements and applying them in the teaching process is the path that education has to follow.


Title : Nanomaterials Modification by Dendrimers - A Review

Authors : Mateusz Pawlaczyk, Joanna Kurczewska, Grzegorz Schroeder

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Abstract :

Following review summarizes the application of dendrimer-functionalized hybrid nanomaterials. Dendrimers are nano-sized, radially symmetric molecules with well-defined, homogeneous and monodisperse structure. Incorporation of dendritic structures onto surface of inorganic particles by covalent, ionic and van der Waals bonds introduces unique properties of the new material. Herein, we present structures and properties of silica, titania, carbon nanotubes and clays decorated with various dendrimers.