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Volume 2 Issue 1

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Title : Comparison of The Local and Global Thresholding Methods in Image Segmentation

Authors : Ashutosh Kumar Chaubey

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Abstract :

The image segmentation is the basic step in the image processing involved in the processing of medical images. Image segmentation is an essential but critical component in low level vision image analysis and, pattern recognition.  It is one of the most difficult and challenging tasks in image processing which determines the quality of the final result of the image analysis[1]. This paper presents an approach to segment the medical images obtained from the mammograms It extracts the texture from the given image. Various image segmentation algorithms are discussed.


Title : Effects of Cimetidine and Bromocriptine on Germinal Epithelium and Spermatogenesis

Authors : Qamar Hamid, Sadaf Hamid, Liaqat Ali Minhas, Anjuman Gul

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Abstract :

The present study was designed to see the influence of parenterally administered drugs cimetidine and  bromocriptine on the germinal epithelium of adult male albino rats and its relation with spermatogenesis.Ninety adult young male albino rats between the ages of 60 to 120 days were selected. The animals were divided into three groups. Cimetidine was administered in a dose of 200 mg/kg body weight to group B intramuscularly and in addition to cimetidine, bromocriptine in a dose of 2.5 mg/day intramuscularly was given to group C. Normal saline was administered intramuscularly to control group A. Spermatogonia, spermotocytes,and spermatids were studied under oil immersion. The spermatogenesis was normal in almost all of the tubules of group B but a few of them were seen lined with only Sertoli cells and all the other germ cells like spermatogonia, primary spermatocyes, spermatids early and late, and spermatozoa were absent indicating total atrophy with both Sertoli cells and Leydig cells hyperplasia. However, the seminiferous tubules of group C were showing disorganisation/ disruption or both at the level of basal compartment of germinal epithelium in small quadrants, a quarter, half or more than half of their tubules indicating partial atrophy. Both normal and abnormal germinal epithelium was seen in same/different tubules but a few of them were seen lined with only Sertoli cells and all the other germ cells like spermatogonia, primary spermatocytes,spermatids early and late, and spermatozoa were absent. On the basis of the results of present study we could not exclude the possibility that besides the known anti-androgenic effect of cimetidine, a possible interference of cimetidine on the histoarchitecture of the seminiferous epithelium, as well as lack of other biochemical factors essential for spermatogenesis could be involved in the testicular changes/ alterations of both groups B and C. 


Title : Retail Attributes Influencing Buyer Behavior in Apparel Stores

Authors : M.K. Sharma, Rubina Sajid

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Abstract :

Many retailers give importance of store environment to measure purchasing behavior as a tool for market differentiation Apparel retailers are known to design store environment in a manner that will enhance buyers positive feelings that lead to desired buyer behavior. The importance of store environment helps in enhancing the shopping experience of buyers which has long been appreciated. Retail stores that offers pleasing and attractive physical environment are eye catching and are more appealing. The excessive buyer footfall will create a competitive environment among other stores and most likely entice more buyers. Consumer behavior is the study that allows focusing on how people buy, what they buy, when and why they buy. It studies the distinct characteristics of individual buyers such as demographics, psychographics and behavioral variables, in an effort to understand buyer wants and needs. Two distinguished apparel stores Fabindia and Anokhi were chosen for the research. Random sampling technique was used for data collection and data was collected personally visiting the stores and contacting the buyers. The findings reveal the factors that play a greater role in influencing the purchasing behavior of buyers in retail stores. Therefore there was a rising need to evaluate the major drivers of purchasing behavior in Indian context.