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Volume 10 Issue 1

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Title : Study on Perception of Organization Justice among Staff of Private Sectors in Shuwaikh area of Kuwait

Authors : Amir Eilbeigi

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Abstract :

High turnover intention rate would negatively affect organizations' productivity and overall performance, also hiring and training new employees might result in extra expenses. Therefore, the authors of this study focused on Organizational Justice as one of the main reasons for turnover intention from the three dimensions.

Based on the following adopted variables: Interpersonal justice, Distribution justice, and procedural justice; a Distinctive study conducted by distributing the questionnaire among 273 members of private organizations to investigate and obtain appropriate answers for the given research questions of this probe.

    The discoveries of theories testing exhibit that Organizational Justice significantly affects workers of private associations' turnover intention rate and outlines the solid connection between variables. The result of ebb and flow examine demonstrates that private associations in Kuwait require prompt satisfactory activity toward improving authoritative equity to create efficiency and execution of their workers toward decreasing turnover intention rates.